Basic operation of blog.
Explanation of left side bar of Blog.
New member registration.
Login. / Log out.
Change of a password email address.
Reissue of a password.
Member blog list which you specified.
End of user.
Operation method of blog.
Blog & image entry.
Editing of Blog.
Elimination of Blog.
Personal Use Profile.
Image of use.
Private message.
My inbox.
Receive e-mail for unread messages
Usage of my page.
What is my page?
Making of "My page."
Detailed profile making of a member.
Commercial use and Commercial use profile making.
After registration, a password doesn't arrive?
Arrangement of a letter is strange?
Language changes itself?
Log in isn't finished?
Plural user's registration with the same personal computer.

Explanation of left side bar of Biog.

Before login.

[1]. Login

[2]. New member registration
*Member registration needs an agreement of a use agreement.

[3]. Request new password

List of blog is displayed.

[5]. Forums

[6]. All article lists are displayed by a new turn.
After login.

[7]. Member name logging in is displayed.

[8]. List of blog is displayed.

[9]. Making of blog.

[10]. Forum topic

[11]. Forums

[12]. It can change "User name" / "Email address" / "Password" / "Profile" / "Other" here.

[13]. Blog list of self is displayed.
* "My page" isn't displayed here.

[14]. It is a private message function between members.
Only a recipient can look.
It is convenient for private communication.

[15]. It is a page of member exclusive use.
"What is my page?" of the left side includes detailed explanation.

[16]. A list of all articles including "My Page" is displayed by a new turn.

[17]. Log out.

[18]. Blog list of a country is displayed.

[19]. List according to translation.

[20]. Blog list according to a genre is displayed.

[21]. Search in blog.

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