Basic operation of blog.
Explanation of left side bar of Blog.
New member registration.
Login. / Log out.
Change of a password email address.
Reissue of a password.
Member blog list which you specified.
End of user.
Operation method of blog.
Blog & image entry.
Editing of Blog.
Elimination of Blog.
Personal Use Profile.
Image of use.
Private message.
My inbox.
Receive e-mail for unread messages
Usage of my page.
What is my page?
Making of "My page."
Detailed profile making of a member.
Commercial use and Commercial use profile making.
After registration, a password doesn't arrive?
Arrangement of a letter is strange?
Language changes itself?
Log in isn't finished?
Plural user's registration with the same personal computer.

What is My page?

"My page" is a page of a member individual.
You can take advantage of it in various purposes.
Individual. Group.
You can make self details profile by "My page". And you can do "a self appeal".

You can use this page for "a hobby / art / culture / interchange to be friend" freely.
You can make company details profile. And you can publicize a company.

Business of various forms can take advantage of it by your purpose.  "Advertising of a company", "advertising of a product", "sale of a product", "other"
Explanation of a right sample image:
Right 1 is a link of a making profile page.
2.3.4. are links of a making page.
5 is other links.
*"My page" which you made isn't reflected in blog.
It is displayed in URL by a profile column of the self BLOG right side.

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