Basic operation of blog.
Explanation of left side bar of Blog.
New member registration.
Login. / Log out.
Change of a password email address.
Reissue of a password.
Member blog list which you specified.
End of user.
Operation method of blog.
Blog & image entry.
Editing of Blog.
Elimination of Blog.
Personal Use Profile.
Image of use.
Private message.
My inbox.
Receive e-mail for unread messages
Usage of my page.
What is my page?
Making of "My page."
Detailed profile making of a member.
Commercial use and Commercial use profile making.
After registration, a password doesn't arrive?
Arrangement of a letter is strange?
Language changes itself?
Log in isn't finished?
Plural user's registration with the same personal computer.
Log in isn't finished?

When it was displayed with "Eemail address or a password is different", an email address and a password may not be input justly.
Please confirm whether there isn't half size space in an email address and a password. And please test it again.
Email address distinguishes full size / half size.
Password distinguishes full size / half size, a large letter / a small letter.
Please confirm whether there isn't a mistake of the input.

"Cookie can't log in by invalidity."
When it was displayed.
The date establishment of a personal computer isn't accurate.
A browser isn't a system receiving cookie.
The above is thought about.

Because cookie may be limited by security software, please confirm it.

You can't log in even if you put a right email address and password.
And when an error message isn't displayed, too.
It may be a problem of cookie of a browser.

Please eliminate cache and cookie stored to a browser.
And please confirm whether the same phenomenon occurs.

When you eliminate all cookie, there is the case that automatic login in other site becomes null and void once.
You ask for operation after approving it.

I turn InternetExplorer(IE) into an example and explain an elimination method of cookie.
One using other browsers looks at a manual and a help of each browser, and please eliminate cookie.

You start IE.
You click tool > Internet option > "Elimination of cookie" in a frame of a central "Internet temporary file." from a menu of the top.
tool > Internet option > "Elimination of cookie" in a frame of a central "Internet temporary file." > "OK"

If the above-mentioned operation was completed, please close an Internet option screen in "OK".
And please test login again.

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